The original, authentic hand-hewn Rustic Log Cabin was built in 1966 by local master log home craftsman Real Goulet. You may know it as Cabin 1 or "Rustic Retreat" and it's the little log cabin that started it all!

After the first log cabin was built, Mr Goulet soon discovered that there was public interest in renting the log cabins as self-contained vacation getaways. Over the next couple of years, he built three more cabins which would constitute the basis for the Rustic Log Cabins of New Hampshire as they exist today.

After he retired in 1974, Mr Goulet sold the business which was then run by a succession of owners, each of whom brought their unique vision to the establishment. Today, a total of 6 cabins, a private hiking trail and the Salmon Hole Brook rest on the 16 acres that make up Rustic. But where's Cabin 3? You'll have to come and stay to find the answer :)

In 1994, the Lessard family bought the Rustic Log Cabins. As proud proprietors, they have continuously sought to improve both the facilities through renovation and upgrade, always mindful to retain the spirit of place which first attracted them to settle in these parts and to preserve the rustic natural setting and experience of log cabin living. In 2019, Alana became the sole proprietor of Rustic. For the many of you that have been here before then, come back and see all the wonderful changes. There have been many new renovations to the cabins and landscape but no worries, we still kept the Rustic Log Cabins charm intact. In fact, we made it much better!

Rustic Log Cabins
1450 Sugar Hill Road
Lisbon, NH 03585
(603) 838-6731